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Diesel-electric submarine of project 677

Designer – JSC «Central Design Bureau for Marine Engineering «Rubin».

The submarine is designed for performance of independent-type operation against submarines and surface ships of the enemy in limited area, execution of antisubmarine defense in coastal areas, confined waters, areas of straits, offensive mining and other tasks.

The submarines of the project can be operated in any area of World ocean (except for the areas with solid ice cover) in any meteorological conditions, in shallow and deep water areas.

The diesel-electric submarine of project 677 has modern complex system of automated control, more powerful sonar system and increased discretion, which is achieved thanks to reduced noise level and smaller displacement. The submarine is equipped with torpedo and missile armament.

The single-hull architecture with minimum reserve buoyancy, required for provision of surface floodability, allowed to reduce the displacement of the submarines of stated project almost by 1.3 times.

Is provided the possibility of equipment of the submarine with air –independent propulsion power plant with electrochemical generators, which increase massively the sea endurance and the operational range of the submarine. 

Length, m.
Pressure hull diameter, m.
Underwater speed, knots
Crew, persons
Main characteristics
Operating depth, m. — 250;
Endurance, days — 45;
Surface displacement, m3. — 1,765;
Midship draft, m. — 6.6;
Submerged endurance at a speed of 3 knots, miles — 650;
Number of torpedo tubes, units — 6;
Ammunition (missiles, torpedoes, mines), units/calibre — 18/533.
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